Renting your house to your tenants is just not the end of your responsibility as a landlord. In fact, this is the beginning of a good and healthy landlord-tenant relationship. If you have just rented your property and wondering how to keep your tenants happy, this post is for you:

1. Educate the tenants about the rules and regulations: Tell your tenants about what they need to follow and how they need to maintain your house. Get a written document containing the rules and regulations of the apartment on rent and get it signed by your tenants so that in case of any discrepancy, legal actions could be taken. Clearly talk about the agreement before handing over the keys. Tell them by which date rent has to be paid and who will pay for the upkeep, repair and maintenance etc.

2. Be professional: Develop a transparent and healthy relationship with your tenants. Stay available when they need you, pick up their calls, try to help them and cooperate in every way possible.

3. Consider gifting your tenants periodically: You don’t need to buy expensive gifts but maybe a discount voucher of the nearest grocery store or a free car servicing offer can be very pleasant for your tenants. Especially when your tenants are new to your place, such gifts from the landlord himself can be really heartwarming.

4. Carry regular inspections and get the repairs done on time: Carry out regular inspection of the house and get all the repairs and maintenance done. Remember that your tenants are paying for what you have promised to offer, any kind of damage caused due to poor maintenance must be rectified as soon as possible so that your tenants can live peacefully.

5. Respect your tenant’s privacy: Don’t end up calling or visiting your tenants whenever there is an issue that needs to be solved with them. Give them their space and time and let them have their own time.

Whenever the question of how to keep your tenants happy pops up in your mind, just remember these tips and you will be definitely able to handle your tenants properly.