If you are into property management, you will understand how hectic it is to keep track of all records and finances related to rentals and payments as well as advertising and marketing. Excel sheets and manual calculations fall short of meeting the rising demands for an organized approach. In a tech savvy world, only a well developed software can cater to all your needs of property management. And that is why most Canadian landlords opt for software help when it comes to managing their properties with 100% accuracy. A cost effective software for Canadian landlords is an essential investment considering the amount of work they are able to do. And that is the reason why most Canadian property managers and landlords are keen to invest in a software that does all that needs to be done to take up a balanced approach towards property management.

Basic features of an enhanced property management software

  • Responsiveness – The software should be able to run on all kinds of operating systems so that the landlords as well as the tenants can access records and track payments anytime and from anywhere.
  • Customization abilities – You never know what needs will arise and when. So, your software should be flexible enough to be customized according to your specific requirements.
  • Cost effectiveness – No matter how badly you need the software, it is not wise to spend a fortune in buying a software with hundreds of features most of which you do not require at all. Make a list of your individual needs and search for a cost effective solution that meets them and provides some added benefits as well.
  • 100% security – As you are making payments online, the software should provide you with security measures matching that of banks.
  • Additional benefits – Say you have to make an announcement or put up a notice. The software should be able to make these things relatively easier for you. The software for Canadian landlords are able to do all these and more. Your tenants can also bring anything to your notice by some simple steps.

If you can get your hands on a software that meets all these requirements without draining you of all your resources, then you can easily make the investment without thinking twice. At Manage My Buildings, we also provide your tenants the opportunity to pay with their credits cards. Sounds great, right?