Tired of tracking your details? Managing your property is never an easy job, and it becomes all the more difficult if you are a landlord who stays far from his estate. You need to keep track of every little information from rents, dues, expenses, suppliers, leases and mortgages. So how do you manage all these important information in an organized manner? I am sure sure the answer will be those never ending, boring and tedious excel sheets. We are a Property Management Company in Canada & US who have the exact solution for you. Try our property management software and you will realize that we understand your need, value your time and strive to provide you with the best service ever.

Check out the benefits that you will get before trying us.

All in One
Get all aspects of your property streamlined with the help of our software. No need to manage separate documents for every facet of your property. Our services include rent tracking, vacancy tracking, tenant database, tax management, rent tracking, Maintenance management, Lease management, secured payments, property alerts, property support and many more. Get an integrated solution for all details related to your property. You can also manage over twenty five buildings or one hundred and fifty units with the help of our software.

24/7 Access
Our software is web based as you can avail it any time and any where as per your need and situation. Get your details updated or modified at once without any delay.

Easy to use Dashboard
Serving you is our biggest priority and we have designed a dashboard that is easy to use and handle. Track your property details smoothly without help from outside. Our software is device friendly and you can access it from your PC, laptops, tablets and even phone.

Secured and Reliable
We believe in gaining your trust by guarding your property details. Be assured, as we use bank level security and you don’t have to install any software locally. We keep a backup of all your data and updates which you can relieve anytime.

Now manage your buildings easily with the help of professional property management company like us.