Tired of managing data related to your building in long, tedious and boring excel sheets? Thinking of some alternative? Go digital with Property management software solutions. We are proud to present “Manage My Buildings”, our one stop solution to your organizing needs. This software helps you to track down each and every detail of your building into an integrated structure, while saving time and energy. No need to maintain separate documents for different units like finance, tax, lease, mortgage, tenants, rents and so on. We promise to offer you with the best and affordable solution with 100% client satisfaction.

Check out the features embedded in our software :

Multiple modules into one
One of the most tedious processes that a building manager goes through is managing multiple documents for different aspects of his building. Property management software enables you with a hassle free method of organizing all these stuff into that can work on any department of the building. They are specially designed keeping in mind the different sectors related to building like finance, maintenance, lease, tax etc.

24/7 Access
Our property management software is web based. You can easily manage financial issues like paying the vendors, accepting payments from the tenants, pay taxes and all other financial transactions online. Apart from this you can access and update your valuable data like tenant information, maintenance lists, property alerts anytime and anywhere.

User-friendly interface with graphical elements
Our property management software are very easy to use. All features and modules are graphically represented making it easy for you to locate them. The dashboard contains numerous charts and bars in vibrant color so that it is easy for you to compare and analyze.

Responsive design
We understand that viewing experiences are not limited to desktops only. Our software is designed on responsive platform, making its design fit for all devices, from desktops to tablet PCs to smartphones. So no need to depend on your laptop, your smartphone will do a fine job.

We offer cheap and flexible prices depending on the size of your portfolio. Manage over 25 buildings and 125 units with our custom pricing.

High security
Data are important and essential and we understand the matter of security, specially of a web based software which highly prone to internet threats. One of the things that bother a landlord is the loss of his data. Do not worry for we employ bank level security. No need to install software locally. We keep a back up of your data so that you can retrieve and study them any time all your will.

So why wait and slog over the tedious method of organizing data? Work fast and efficiently with property management software solutions.